12 Complements Guys Secretly Love To Hear

There are a lot of things guys like, but one of the things they love the most is compliments. If you’re looking for a compliment that will touch him, try praising him for the things that complement his masculinity. Guys love to hear that they’re doing something right, and compliments about their masculinity can be a personal way of telling them that you appreciate everything about them.

Compliments are a surefire way to make any guy feel good about himself, whether it’s hearing that you look beautiful or that you’re an amazing friend. There’s something about a compliment that makes us feel good. Whether you’re a girl or a guy yourself, read on 12 compliments guys secretly love to hear and start being appreciated for the amazing person that you are.12 Complements Guys Secretly Love To Hear

You Should Know Which Complements Guys Secretly Love To Hear

You Should Know Which Complements Guys Secretly Love To Hear

Compliments are the best way to make a guy happy. Guys love to get compliments on their looks, intelligence, and sense of humor. So, don’t be afraid to give him a few compliments. When you see him, tell him that he looks smart or handsome, and watch his smile grow.

He’ll appreciate your kind words even more. Next, make sure to compliment his sense of humor. It’s sure to make him happy. And finally, don’t forget the big stuff – telling someone they’re great dad, husband, or friend is always appreciated too.

1.You’re So Smart

You're So Smart

Guys secretly love to hear that they are smart and know something. It shows that you appreciate their intelligence and make them feel good. Guys secretly love to hear that they’re smart. It makes them feel like they’re in control and gives them confidence. Plus, it makes them feel good knowing they can understand complex concepts or solve difficult problems. Make sure you use these compliments sparingly, as they can be a bit over the top! Try out some of these compliments in conversation with your guy friends and see how they react.

2.You Always Know The Right Thing To Say

You Always Know The Right Thing To Say

When someone speaks highly of you, it feels good. It reassures them that they matter and that somebody cares about them. It also makes them feel appreciated, which can boost their self-confidence. Knowing the right things to say are so important that they have been shown to improve a person’s mental health in numerous ways.

Thus, by being sensitive enough to pick up on cues and insulate yourself from potential hurt feelings – even if your words don’t seem adequate at the time – you will go a long way in making others feel valued and loved for who they are.

3.You’re Handsome

Guys secretly love to hear compliments, and there’s a good reason. When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, it positively impacts your brain. Studies have shown that when someone receives a compliment, the part of their brain responsible for happiness is activated. This leads to positive emotions such as contentment and relief, which can improve emotional well-being in the long run. Additionally, it improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

4.You Have A Great Sense Of Humor.

You Have A Great Sense Of Humor

When it comes to humor, guys love to hear that they have a great sense of it. In fact, compliments are one of the most reliable and effective ways in building trust and rapport with them. However, making sure your compliments are true to who he is as a person doesn’t mean you should refrain from giving any at all. Even if the situation isn’t funny or happy-go-lucky, taking time out of your day to say something nice can make him feel amazing. And that’s an invaluable gift indeed.

5.You’re Always Positive.

You're Always Positive

Giving and receiving compliments is one of the best things you can do for your relationship. Guys love to hear that they’re appreciated – it makes them feel good inside and boosts their self-esteem. And apart from making someone happy, compliments also serve as a way to connect with others and make them feel special. So compliment people freely – it’ll make everyone’s day.

6.Your Smile Is Gorgeous.

Smiling is one of the most beautiful things you can do; guys love to hear it. They find it charming and attractive, which is why they love to see you smile – even if you don’t know it. Smiling makes you look happier, more confident, and generally more positive. It also releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel good. There are a few things you can do to brighten up your smile even further:

  • Practice proper dental hygiene. Bad oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, which will decrease your smile’s attractiveness.
  • Keep your teeth clean and white. This will help them look their best and make them easier to see.
  • Eat healthy foods high in nutrients (vitamin C, for example). This will help keep your grin looking healthy and sparkling all year round.

7.You’re The Life Of The Party.

You're The Life Of The Party

Guys love it when girls are up for anything and everything. Whether you’re ready to go out on the town or have some drinks at home, guys appreciate a girl who is game. It shows that you’re not afraid to try new things and have fun – something guys secretly love. Furthermore, making girls happy in any way possible can be seen as an utmost gesture of affection.

8.You Make Everything Feel Better.

You Make Everything Feel Better

Giving compliments is one of the best things you can do for your relationship. Not only does it make the other person feel good, but it also puts them in a great mood – making both of you happier in the long run. Guys especially love hearing that they are special and unique – it makes them feel appreciated and loved!

Compliments give guys a sense of self-worth, which helps build strong relationships overall. Keep giving compliments liberally, and watch your guy practically glow with happiness.

9.Everything You Do Is Amazing.

Every guy loves to be complimented and feels appreciated. Whether it’s words of kindness or compliments, saying something nice to someone always makes them feel good. And in turn, this can increase their self-esteem and confidence greatly. While there are many things you could say that would make a guy happy, we’ve compiled 12 of the most common compliments that work every time! So go ahead – give someone a compliment they’ll love.

10.You Make Me Laugh

There’s something incredibly special about making someone laugh. It not only puts them in a good mood, but it also shows that you appreciate them in a way that is genuine and non-threatening. When you can do this, it takes the pressure off, and guys can relax and have some fun. Plus, they’ll know that your appreciation for them is real, no matter how cheesy their jokes might seem.

11.You Have A Great Personality.

You Have A Great Personality

Many guys appreciate hearing that they have great personality. It makes them feel good and shows that you care about them. Compliments also go a long way in developing strong relationships – be sure to give them often. Guys love compliments about their appearance, too, especially if they know you take the time to look after yourself. So think of something nice to say and deliver honestly; it will make him happy.

12.You’re One Of A Kind.

You're One Of A Kind

Most guys care about being loved and appreciated, and hearing that you’re amazing in bed is one of the things that make them feel loved. Hearing this reassures them that they’re not just some average person who’s nothing special. It shows that you’re paying attention to them and care about their pleasure. And it also reassures them that they’re still desirable and lovable, even if they don’t have the body of a Hollywood star.


Guys love to hear positive things about themselves; this goes double for compliments. Remember, when you compliment your partner on something they do well, what matters is how they like it. Just make sure you focus on their positive qualities to get their heart thumping.

In case there’s anything else that comes to your mind, ask them. By knowing what these compliments guys secretly love to hear, you’ll be able to give them with ease and make them feel really good about themselves. So go ahead and give him the compliment of the year – you’ll love the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Are Some Compliments That Guys Often Don’t Say Out Loud?

Ans. Some of the compliments that guys often don’t say out loud are: You’re handsome, you have a great sense of style, and you’re articulate. Compliments like these can make a guy feel good about himself, especially when he hears them privately from someone he trusts. Other compliments can make a guy feel good to care if he knows what’s best for himself and respects others.

2.How Can You Give Your Man The Best Possible Complimenting Experience?

Ans. For a man to truly appreciate your complimenting skills, here are some compliments that guys secretly love to hear.

  • You’re beautiful inside and out –
  • You’ve got great taste in everything
  • I’d be lost without you – Guys love to feel needed and protected, so any statement that expresses this is sure to please.
  • You have a mind as sharp as your sword
  • You make me feel like I can do anything.

3.Do All Men Appreciate Receiving Compliments In The Same Way?

Ans. Yes, all men appreciate compliments in the same way. However, there are certain compliments that guys secretly love more than others. These compliments can vary from guy to guy, but some common compliments that guys enjoy hearing include being sexy, smart, funny, and charming.

4.What Compliments Do Guys Like To Hear?

Ans. Compliments that make guys feel good about themselves are the best compliments to give them. Compliments should be sincere and focus on the positive aspects of a guy’s character. Some compliments that may work well for guys are: You’re a great listener, you always have time for me, you’re polite and considerate, and you’ve got great taste in clothes and accessories.

5.What Is The Biggest Compliment To A Man?

Ans. The biggest compliment a man can hear is when someone admires his sense of humor or looks up to him as an authority figure. This is because being admired by others makes us feel good inside and confirms that we are working on the right things in our lives. Additionally, being told you are handsome, intelligent, and gentle all rank highly on the list.

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