Why My Ex Boyfriend Ignores Me Completely?

From my experience, I can tell you that breakup is a very painful experience for lovers that means they can boys or girls. It can be worse than the only thing when your ex is ignoring you that means your ex doesn’t phone call you or not call back.

Besides, he/she doesn’t give a single reply to your text messages through Imo, social media text, Skype text that you have sent your ex. This is usually very hurtful for you when you still hope to get back to your ex. In this article, I will try to cover why my Ex-boyfriend ignores me completely and how to solve these problems. If you want to get back to your ex you should read the full article with patience and know the solution.

Top For 5 Reasons We Know Why My Ex Boyfriend Ignores Me Completely?

Why My Ex Boyfriend Ignores Me Completely

1. Your Ex is finding the other person again to make the new relationship

2. He’s Testing Your Persistence

3. Your Ex-girlfriend/boyfriend does not want to come back to you.

4. He got hurt by the past behavior

5. Inferiority complex.

6. He is taking Revenge

7. He wants a response from you about how much you love him

1. Your Ex Is Finding The Other Person Again To Make The New Relationship

Your Ex Is Finding The Other Person Again To Make The New Relationship

It can be one of the most important cases of ignores you. When you notice that your ex ignores you that means he is busy finding another person to make a new relationship with. He may now qualify for him or you are not like his mind.

Now he always thinks about you just ex-girlfriend and he thinks you are the past of his life. It is the new mission he will find a new girl find and he will ignore you until when you don’t get the girlfriend to take your position. Now your ex busy finding a new girlfriend that’s why he doesn’t value you.

2. He’s Testing You How Much Love Your Ex

He’s Testing You How Much Love Your Ex

This is the second cause of ignores you. He thinks and wants to bring back before love feeling to your ex. He wants to see and just how much love you at your boyfriend then he wants to be forward about the relationship. But if your ex doesn’t get a positive response after that he can ignore you. By the way, your ex wants to know how much love you him.

3. Your Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend Does Not Want To Come Back To You

Your Ex-Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Does Not Want To Come Back To You

Your ex ignores you it can be he wants to start a new relationship with other people. He tries to ignore you a little bit as if you can’t make prevent his new relationship.

He may not want to make the relationship with you after the breakup that’s why he finds a new person. Even, he turns down every meetup the opportunity with you and your ex don’t want together both. You should forget him and make new other.

4. He Got Hurt By The Past Behavior

He Got Hurt By The Past Behavior

Your ex may get hurt by you that why he ignores you to forget and want to make a new relationship. Otherwise, if you do the same behavior with your ex in case he can’t obey as good person. Because he doesn’t like your worse behavior that makes hate to you from your ex. Good behavior is one of the most important things that really affects many things.

5. Inferiority


Ignoring your ex after a breakup can be a sign of poor quality difficulty. In circumstances where you have invested a lot of your time and resources in her before the breakup, it will be difficult to deal with her after you are both separated and it will make you feel inferior before you and probably ignore you whenever she sees you.

This becomes even clearer when he knows that the chances of you taking him back are very thin and he will ignore you rather than the audacity of uselessness trying to come back to you.

6. He Is Taking Revenge

Your ex ignores you to take revenge. Especially if he feels worse manners unfairly in the relationship in case he can take revenge to give hurt.  It can cause you pain and make you feel a bad experience.

Even your ex will cut off all of the conversations such as phone calls, Imo calls, Skype calls, all social media texting, and others. Just he wanted to love drama with you for revenge on you. He wanted to hurt you by loving after breakup though revenging.

7. He Wants A Response From You About How Much You Love Him

He Wants A Response From You About How Much You Love Him

This is one kind of reason they ignore you. In fact, your ex wanted to justify how much love him. Basically he ignores you to get stimulate reply from you.

Your ex wants as if you want to forgive your ex then communicate with your ex. He will deliberately ignore you and expect you to call for his attention.

8. Your Ex Has Found Someone New

Your Ex Has Found Someone New

It can be the case of ignoring you after break up your ex found new someone that means he has a new girlfriend. That’s’ why he doesn’t feel comfortable talking and communicate with you.

He wants to spend his free time with the new girlfriend. Now he seems you past his life not present. After all, He cut off all kinds of communication and start to ignore you as if you go far away from your ex.

Final Word

Following the list above, as unpleasant as it may be to be ignored by your ex, it can sometimes benefit you and not otherwise. So instead of rushing to the conclusion that ignoring him or ignoring you is aimed at insulting you, it may be some innocent and genuine intention that he can’t help. I hope this article has helped you determine him and his activities. We want to know your opinion via comment box.

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