Why Ex Came Back After Months of No Contact? Explained

Today I will teach you four things about come back to your ex after months of no contact. I will explain why your ex comes back after no contact. Four essential things never listen before anywhere. I hope the four things will aid you to build up yourself.

However, you should know why ex came back after months of no contact? It is pretty and simple. I promise you the four things will work on ex.

Why Ex Came Back After Months Of No Contact? Now I Mention Below The Four Things

Why Ex came back after months of no contact

Important four things about Ex came back after of no contact.

  • Reactance
  • Information Gap theory
  • The Zeigarni Effect
  • Unpredictability Raises perceived Value

1. Reactance

If you think of the most comfortable way any rule of communication can bring back your ex, there is no need to look beyond this idea. Here I have tried covered all these things. The theory of reactance: when human beings’ activities independence is exposed, they react to get that liberty back.

When your implementation of getting him back, your exes no contact rule with behavior freedom of conversation to you from the equation.

Indeed, they recognize that it has been removed. Once you ignore, they will get an image if they do end up successful out. When they can’t talk to you once they recognize and they can succeed that liberty back.

There are reactions to ignoring people. So, people have the self-determination to make decisions, but an important person takes something away from us. We try our best to get that freedom back. Charming away the freedom to talk to you creates a reaction for them to fight to get that option before.

2. Information Gap Theory

When something changes from an unidentified state to a well-known state, we turn out to be more curious. Your ex will guess something regarding you after the breakup, particularly if they break up with you.

They take for granted that you are getting emotional with them, and this idea almost feeds you every time you interact with them. They will no longer have that idea when you start making no communication rules.

It creates interest, and they would like to know why you are not conversing with them about creating an information gap that leads to number three.

 3. The Zeigarnik Effect

Incomplete works are better than zeigarnik peoples being complete. Looking at all the emotional things of no contact creates mystery and confusion as to why you are not accomplishing them. And why you are not reacting to their contact.

4. Unpredictability

Relationships that raise expectations have stability and predictability, but it requires redundancy where there is some mystery in the relationship.

We also want courage and spontaneity in our lives. Those ideas are the opposite ends of the spectrum, but one cannot live without the other.

If you only get one thing, it isn’t delightful. Our brain prefers unpredictability because if we get the desired reward all the time, it is higher than that. It helps make public dopamine and generate more investment.

Final Thoughts

5 signs the no contact rule is working. Honestly, once something breaks, the glue can’t fix everything. After 6 months, you are both different people, very different and you need to find out these differences and learn from them. I hope now you know why ex came back after months of no contact.

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