How To Give Your Ex His Things Back? Relationship Guide

I am going talk to about how to get him back and most importantly how to start the rebuilding process. Also, you can get from here how to give your ex his things back.

Even when he’s asked for his things back. He sends your things back. So, how to give your ex his all things back? I’m going to give you the way that you can use what’s happening here.

This division of property that’s happening. So you can let this man know there’s still space in your heart for him understand that when a man has broken up with you. He’s walked away he feels very powerful.

How To Give Your Ex His Things Back?

How To Give Your Ex His Things Back

After breakup, in that moment he feels very powerful, very strong ,very confident. But statistically most men regret a breakup within 24 hours. They do that and they’re feeling that regret, if they go back to you.

I don’t know what I did I don’t know what I was thinking. They’ll look crazy and they’ll never do that. So this really about masculine energy will not allow him to come back to you.

He will see the process through men will keep reminding themselves of why they had to walk away from you and coming up with these reasons just reinventing it to keep it fresh in their mind. So, one of the things you can do is you can start anew you can turn a new leaf with this man.

You can start a new pattern of being and speaking. That is authentic so this means you need to examine how you got into this situation. So often women come to me and they say of my goodness.

I am learning all your material I have been in my masculine energy for so long. That’s why I’ve created these programs I make this entire article for you.

I had the same discovery I was in my masculine energy and it was literally driving away amazing men out of my life because I was the person in the masculine energy.

So, I am going to talk a little bit about what happens after a breakup. Which is usual within a couple of days or maybe even immediately.

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They will want to get their stuff back and they will give you theirs or you will feel an urgent need to call them up and say come get your stuff get your stuff I want it out of here.

You’ll be angry so as much as. You want to do that and just get their stuff back to them. I want you to use as an opportunity to be warm and open your heart and let this man you know how you feel.

So something the guy breaks up with us. He leaves his junk at our house for months that are not going work either that means here’s a boundary you have I want your stuff out of my house.

He’s just letting it sit there knowing that you’re not going to step up and put that boundary in place to claim your space back in the house.

You’re suffering you’re seeing his stuff smelling his scent on his clothes. It’s causing you all sorts of pain but what you really want to do. You want to go ahead and in that old relationship because that old relationship.

Didn’t work so get rid of it? As soon as you can and let him know yeah this didn’t work. I’m so sad that it did it you know I felt so wonderful when I was with you but I understand and I trust you know what’s best for us.

You see how you’re telling him what you feel you’re letting him off the hook no this didn’t work I get it. You’re right it didn’t work I’ll miss you it felt so wonderful the other times.

I’ve always felt so good in your company but I understand this relationship wasn’t working and I trust you know what’s best for us. The next one is a boundary you want to have a time and a day set for this man too because things up. So, often the guy guys like walk come by later this week.

That’s not going to work because again one of the reasons he step away from you. Is that you probably didn’t have really firm boundaries and we aren’t talking about being mending and this is when you have to pick this up but you give them a couple of option and say ok.

I am free Friday and let him leave instead of calling him up and saying well where should I send your things or how are you going to come and get them.

Let him know I have them they’re here what would you like to do so right. There you’re transferring that action. I’m going to do I’m going to take charge of this no I’m going to give it to you.

I have your things what would you like to do. Now one of the biggest feelings is when you get a box your things back Get on your front porch. Some of my things with a strip of paper inside tight here are your belongings.

I don’t have anything else that belongs to you and why he cut it in a strip of a pea. I mean it was the most minuscule minimal way to communicate with you. It was just really after everything. We’ve had I get a strip of paper like a fortune cookie. So whenever you get your stuff back however you get it back.

Final Word

I have tried to mention obviously how to give your ex his things back or if your ex understand his mistakes how to get him back. Now read the full article several times then you will be able to understand quickly how to give his things. If you have any type of quarries just leave a comment to us.

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