Why Do Guys Think About Their Ex After A Breakup?

After the breakup, many people fall the break down a lot. Girls are more likely than boys to cope with breakups, but boys who are truly in love spend a lot of time in their lives this breakup’s pain.

So, why do guys think about their ex after the breakup? I will try to mention what is the situation after breakup and Do guys think about their ex after a breakup?

Why Do Guys Think About Their Ex After A Breakup?

Why Do Guys Think About Their Ex After A Breakup

Step 1: Ex Hurt By You

Ex Hurt By You

“My mind doesn’t mean that”: This stage is the most emotional stage of break up. At the same time, it is important – because any decision made at this time can ultimately turn the corner of life. The emotions that come out of someone at this stage of a break-up are very painful emotions.

In most cases, the emotion comes out in the form of tears or intense emotional pain. However, in some exceptional cases, there is a tendency to accept breakups naturally.

However, whatever it is, it is out of the ordinary, all under the influence of emotions. Most people in this immediate phase of breakup do that:

  1. 1. Trying to harm oneself (suicide, drugs, etc.)
  2. Trying to harm the girl he had a relationship with (Face book/email hack, without bad pictures on the net, mobile number manipulation)
  3. The team that stays upset
  4. The birth of a new feeling
  5. Just want to call him / want to meet / I think let’s go and see now – if you know the decision will not change.
  6. Finding out your own faults/faults behind the breakup – although maybe not your own faults at all.
  7. Seeing the memories left by him in his hand and moving them to make the mind worse. Some, of course, ruin them.

Step 2: Consolation


Your friend and all family member will give you consolation to be normal you and most of friends are happy for your mindset you can believe or not. I am happy that “they are not as unlucky as you are.”

Consciously or subconsciously, our minds rejoice when we think of the dangers of others. It is not difficult condition for basically it has a number of good quality aspects.

When your friend will know your break they will be conscious about their girlfriend and boyfriend.   Then they will promise they won’t never ever break up each other anyway. No matter what the stage of the relationship – they will realize anew how lucky they are to have each other.

Girlfriends/boyfriends can suddenly become a little too sweet at this time after a breakup with a dear friend – but this is temporary. It has no lasting effect. However, your friend’s circle and family member will give you the different type of advice like below:

  1. Life never stops for anyone try to starts again newly.
  2. It is time to build a career
  3. Of course, waiting is better something for you.
  4. Spend time with friends
  5. Let’s go out

Step 3: Control Yourself And Try To Understand Yourself

Control Yourself And Try To Understand Yourself

This stage of break up is unique. At this stage, a conviction to start one’s life, career and everything anew is born. At this stage a boy will do many things that things don’t do it before time in normal circumstance.

Contact can increase with people who have not had contact for a long time and / or who have deliberately avoided it. All these things are come from thought of on the whole change in life.

Step 4: Try To Waste Time With His Friends

Try To Waste Time With His Friends

At this stage, there is a propensity to waste time with his mutual friends whenever the opportunity arises. Your ex provides attention to intimacy with various household work and family members.

Most of the time he wants to help people and try to talk softly with people. After the breakup most of the people do that:

  1. It is very jealous and uncomfortable to go out with friends and see the intimacy of the relationship between their boyfriends/girlfriends.
  2. Tell people about your breakup whenever you get the chance.
  3. Giving status by highlighting one’s life philosophy on Facebook. Seeing someone’s status, it will seem that he is going to commit suicide in a while

Step 5: You Are Prepared To Make New Relationship

You Are Prepared To Make New Relationship

The memory of the breakup is no longer bear in mind – just very infrequently. You have decide to yourself if when you meet with your ex face to face then you will try to understand you ex you are well and gained so a great deal mental power.

He also told his friends that you may be ready to find him.

Getting acquainted (gain, obtain) with new girls online / on Face book or through friends is the only way to have an immediate relationship.

Suddenly you feel like the world was much easier when you were in a relationship, everything was very certain – just touch the other hand when you raise your hand, put your head on one shoulder if you want.

But now the world seems to be not easy to break the relationship. You’re already questioning the idea of ​​a new relationship, a new one at all. It seemed to you before the first relationship.

Final word

These are the common factor after breakup about do guys think about their ex after the breakup? Each boys and girls think about these steps. After the breakup, each boy and girls feel frustration and hesitation also cry sometime for consolation.

After breakup almost 3-months are across hardly and try to forget their ex and think about these 5 steps. Most of the boyfriend and girl fined think these common signs. I hope now you know why do guys think about their ex after a breakup.

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