I Blocked Him But I Miss Him – 8 Secrets Solve From Expert

A relationship is an important thing for all. Each person is unique and every relationship is exceptional for each person who is involved in a relationship.

When making a good understanding with each other it can be within brother and sister, father and mother, relative and lovers. That means they will be able to understand each then their relationship will be strong.

On the other hand, when love between them and they don’t have a good understanding that means their relationships do not last for a long time. In this post, we are going to sharing with you about the breakup situation after the relationship.

Someone ask me I blocked him but I miss him what should I do right now This is why I am going to write this post based on this question. I will share some tips for all basically in this circumstance what should you do?

I Blocked Him But I Miss Him What To Do In This Condition?

I Blocked Him But I Miss Him

If you block your ex despite your unconditional love, care, and loyalty, you shouldn’t think of losing him. Maybe you blocked him from your life due to some misunderstanding but you don’t block her willingly.

After blocking you miss her but you don’t understand what you would do? If you really miss her and if you want to get back in your life you can do this thing.

1. You Have To Stand Up And Take The Initiative

If you want him back in your life then does something try to be in touch with him once again? It will keep you alive in his heart and life. But overdoing it will only irritate him. So you have to do this work be careful as if your ex doesn’t angry with you.

2. You Have To Communicate Whatever That You Feel To Him

You Have To Communicate Whatever That You Feel To Him

Try to open up to him. Let him know that you truly feel about him but talking about your past problems. It is a big no tried to get over with it be nice and take it easy.

Make him laugh and enjoy his company. This will remind him of the wonderful moments. You two shared together in the past and give you the chance to win him back.

3. Make Him Envious

Make Him Envious

Make him jealous is a common method used by many girls. After the breakup usually reaction of a person is to hide in the darkest corner of the room. But you have to change that Instead does things.

That will make him realize your worth in his life to get over with your life as soon as possible live your life. Try to socialize and mingle with other people. Particularly with boys if he sees you meeting with other men. He might feel a little bit jealous and that’s good.

4. Change For The Better

Change For The Better

Signs he’s also still into you for change for the better be the best person. You can be remembering not to offend him with the same attitude and mistakes. That made him leave you to show him the real you that made him fall in love with you in the first place.

5. Control Your Emotions

Control Your Emotions

Control your emotions this might be hard but you have to get hold of your emotions. Try to be more patient and understandings do not pester him with your relentless phone calls, text messages, and emails. These will only irritate him and make him hate and ignore you as much as possible.

Don’t cry or argue with him whatever. It is his decision to respect that the most important thing is working on how to get him back after a break-up for more detailed information on getting your ex back.

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6. You Should Apologize To Her For Everything

You Should Apologize To Her For Everything

This is better sings to get him back your ex. If you really get your ex you should apologize to her for everything. You should kind to your ex.  You tell her and request to get him back in your life.

You talk with her kindly as if she can understand you have undertaken your mistakes and you have corrected your mistakes. Then he will come back to you. You can do these all about things through good manners with your ex. So be careful when you talk with her.

7. Make Your Ex Desirable

Make Your Ex Desirable

If you want to get back your ex just you have to adopt some technique to desirable your ex to you. If you are the girl you follow some mockup techniques open YouTube and learn some excellent techniques to attract your face. When your ex notices your beauty than before.

Of course, your ex will attractive and he wants to be back to you. Otherwise, if you are a boy try to smart more physically. A good look on the outside will boost your inner confidence and help you become noticeable to your ex.

When your ex will notice your pleased and confident personality I hopefully, he will be interested in you again.

8. You Give Your Ex Favorite Things As A Gift

You Give Your Ex Favorite Things As A Gift

To do desirable to you just send some favorite gifts. Those gifts are preferred to your exes such as flowers, chocolate, dress, mobile phone, favorite food, and more things.

When your ex will get of her favorite things certainly your ex will happy. She will forget all of your mistakes because you are conscious of her favorite things yet. So that is an important tip for you.

Final word

Follow these 8 tips I hope you will get your ex back a hundred percent. Remember, when you apply these tips of course you will unblock your ex the first time.

Then you start secrets tips that will help to get back your ex. I hope you got the right answer the answer to the question is that I blocked him but I miss him now what would I do in this situation.

Now you get your expected answer actually I blocked him but I miss him, what should you do. Please write down a comment about this post how much helpful for you.

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