5 Best Ways To How To Make Him Regret Playing You

Today I am feeling pretty good because I have five important tips to make him regret playing you. I will mention here very simply these five tips.

I hope you if you apply these five tips you will know how to make him regret playing you. Now read the full article with patience and know your expected information from this post.

5 Secret Tips On How To Make Him Regret Playing You

How To Make Him Regret Playing You

1. Let Him Have The Last Word

I know for us women, in particular, that could be difficult life lettering have the last say I have because women we like to ask questions and what happened and what did I do wrong.

It will be this going back and forth text on the person and he’s like you know what I don’t think right to be with you. It’s a human finish he is going t stop wondering what happens I heard from a girl like why did she reply that what’s going on with her.

You know it’s not even her character she just said his and why doesn’t she care enough. You know be hurt or upset by what I’m doing now. Definitely, you have sparked his curiosity.

He is going to try to find out why you’re not given the reaction that’s he accepts you to give. You also read how to make realize you after the breakup.

2. Go No Contact Rules

Go No Contact Rules

Every social media platform makes sure you change your phone number if you have to make sure you block him on Facebook, Instagram.

It’s not everywhere like literally fall off the face of the earth because if you do what I said in number on they are going to stop trying to check up on you. What is she up to and then they stop searching for you?

Now you have established and no contact but whatever you want to call it and already you’ll start your interest in your curiosity and they have no way of contacting you. Now you should make sure as if your and friends also block him.

3. Look Good

Look Good

Get you to blow up look your best make sure you put effort into yourself. If you don’t eat right start right if you think your let yourself go a little bit first get back into shape does what makes you a happy life.

You like best in hairstyle my best.  I mean update across that if you have to get the revenge buddy. If you must live your best life like a mission you physically make sure you do not point and don’t forget to take it selfie and then you can post up.

That is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It’s called from any other thing is called self-care take care of yourself. Basically, make sure you are at a place where you feel good about yourself. Because when you look good you feel good.

4. Don’t Sad Post Or Angry Post

Don’t upload sad or angry posts on Instagram or on your social media. I mean we have all been where after the relationship is over your tricks to your Instagram or your Facebook.

He’s just not thinking about you post funny videos post-normal thing that you would put like on a normal day and that way you would let him you keep him wondering like he will be there like.

5. Say About Your New Relationship

Say About Your New Relationship

You mention your new relationship with a smart person. Share about your new relationship how is going your new relationship. How is your new boyfriend and how to love you?

When you share your best moments and feeling with him and your ex will feel sad and she will regret playing you. When you say about your new relationship more time of course your ex will regret playing you. Because she also still loves you and thinks about you. You can apply this tip to regret your ex.

Final Word

The answer will not come in the form of revenge if you think about how you will create a tendency to lose. Even if they hurt you, it is not good for you to do anything to harm him or her.

Your ex can regret the loss of you but if she understands and if she comes back to you I would say you should accept her. I hope now you know how to make him regret playing you.

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