How Long Does It Take a Man To Realize What He Lost? [Tips & Tricks]

Human beings are blessed with Love and Feelings. Love is our built-in feature. This is why we have feelings of love for our opposite gender. So,

How long does it take a man to realize what he lost? We start feeling and finding love from an early age, and we engage ourselves in love relationships.

But not all love relationships go as planned. Sometimes, a couple may have a bad fight between them and it can lead to a breakup. After the breakup, sometimes, we do realize our mistakes during the relationship and we regret losing our loved ones.

When Does He Realize What He Lost?

Guys are good at pretending. After a bad fight or a breakup, they pretend to keep calm. They pretend as if they are good without their girls. But they can only keep their emotions under control for so long.

Then comes a moment when their emotions outburst and they start feeling the real pain of losing their girl. Below is a list of some moments when a guy can regret losing his girl.

7 Stages of- When A Man To Realize What He Lost?

How Long Does It Take a Man To Realize What He Lost

Maybe you are dealing with a breakup situation. You loved him with all your heart, did everything for him. Your man has lost a precious gem like you. How long does it take a man to realize what he lost? Well, it depends and we need to elaborate.

A man can realize it as early as 30 days. Or he can take a full long year. But one thing is certain that he will regret losing you surely, today or tomorrow, given that you truly cared for him. Some certain difficulties may help trigger his realization.

So, here we will discuss some possible difficulties he may face without you, which should make him realize what he lost. Scroll down to know when he will realize and regret it.

1. When He Meets A Gold Digger

Not every girl loves for emotional satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment. Some would be with you only for your wealth. Nowadays, these kinds of girls are everywhere in our society.

They only judge a man by the weight of their pockets, not by the contents of their hearts. They are only there with you for materialistic gains. After a breakup, if your man happens to be with such a gold digger, he would realize what real love was.

Then he would realize how much you loved him. He would understand that you were never a gold digger, you never wanted his money. All you wanted was him, his love. Now he will regret losing a lovely girl like you.

2. When He Misses Your Kindness

After the breakup, your boyfriend may try to go forward, have a new beginning. He may start seeing a new girl. But he will certainly notice that he cannot find anyone as kind as you. The new girl may have many good qualities, and be beautiful too.

But she would not be very kind as they are just beginning. In the long path of a relationship, many mistakes happen. The lovers tolerate each other.

They become kind to one another. This is because they want to stay together forever. But the new girl would not be as kind as you to him.

There is no reason for the new girl to tolerate this man. Moreover, there are so many proud girls dating around nowadays, who think that they are doing a favor just to talk with a guy.

In this age of rudeness, your guy must miss your kindness. Then he would regret his mistakes. He would realize his flaws and may try to apologize, hoping to start over again.

3. When The Party’s Over

We cannot understand the true value of something until we lose possession of that thing. While in a love relationship, we become used to the goodness of our beloved. The beloved’s love and care seem normal to us, and we do not value it.

After your breakup, your man would try his best to forget the past. He would try to engage in other fun activities, burying his emotions deep inside. He may hang out with his friends more, have a tour, drink a lot, and have a whole lot of parties.

But, sooner or later, the parties will come to an end. All his buried emotions will start crawling out. He must feel a grave emptiness without you. He will realize that life with you was far better. Finally, he will come to understand the value of your love and care as he has lost it already.

4. When He Misses Your Care

In a good love relationship, girls care a lot for their guys. A girl always supports him, gives him a helping hand. She helps complete his tasks. She may cook food for him, washes his clothes sometimes. She becomes worried if her guy is sick or in trouble.

She may shed a tear or two out of worrying. This is what care is. As you were a caring girlfriend, your guy cannot but miss your care for him. Loneliness will get a hold of him real soon. He will miss your care in every step of his life.

While eating or cooking food all by himself, washing his clothes, or when he becomes sick, he must miss your care. For this very reason, real lovers cannot stay apart. Even after a big fight or a breakup, they come to realize their mistakes and sort everything out.

5. When He Misses Intimacy

Sex is our biological need. It is also a way of showing love and being loved as well. Sex with the beloved defines what love is. It gives fulfillment to a love relationship. What we are trying to say is that, in a good relationship, the lovers enjoy healthy and fulfilling sex.

The kind of intimacy that is nowhere to be found. For this very reason, two different persons can stay together forever. Now, after your breakup, your man must miss the intimacy between you two, that you two have enjoyed for so long.

He may try to find intimacy elsewhere, with another woman. But at a point, it is sure that he would realize the unfulfillment of having sex with this new girl.

He may never find fulfillment without you. He would feel the need to appreciate the sex between you two, which he had not appreciated. He will regret his mistakes and realize what he lost.

6. When He Sees You

This is probably the most important cause that triggers the realization of a man of what he has lost. After a breakup, a man can never forget his beloved, if she truly loved him.

And when he sees her walking down the streets, or having a good time with her friends, or hanging out with another man, he cannot stand these scenes.

He feels so jealous. But this is mostly because the man now realizes he has lost a precious gem. He blames himself for his mistakes and for losing the girl.

7. When He Feels The Connection

There is a strong bond between the lovers in a true relationship. Sometimes, one does not even need to express what he/she wants. And the other one gets it even before hearing it. This kind of connection is very rare among two people who are not in true love.

So, if your man tries to engage in another relationship, he may miss the connection and understanding you two had. Eventually, he would realize that he has lost a good woman, who understood him so well.

Pro Tips & Tricks: How To Make Him Regret Losing You?

Here we are giving you some tips. These tips may help you to make your man regret losing you. If you truly love the man, and he is essentially a good person, we guess you want to start over again with your man. So, the soon you make him realize, the better for both of you.

Show Him You Are Fine

If you want him back so badly, maybe you are sad and not having a good time. Do not show your sadness. Show him that you are doing great and fine without him.

Have some fun and take photos with your friends. You can post the photos to social media so that he can find out you are just fine and cheerful.

Or if you two are still talking a bit, tell him that you are handling the situation quite well. He may feel jealous by finding you so cheerful. And eventually, he will realize his mistakes, and he cannot stand losing you.

Be Attractive Than Ever Before

This is an effective weapon to make him realize what he lost. Dress nice, wear beautiful jewelry. Be more fashionable and attractive than ever before. He cannot resist when he sees you. As if he never knew his girl was so attractive. He cannot but approach and apologize to you for his mistakes.


Here we will try to make quick and concise answers to some questions that girls frequently ask about relationships.

1. Will He Ever Realize What He Lost?

He will of course realize and regret that he lost you. If you truly loved and understood each other, if you enjoyed a healthy relationship, then he is surely going to regret losing you.

2. How Long Does It Take A Man To Realize That He Hurt Me?

Once he accepts his mistakes, he will realize that he hurt you. He can take a month or two. Or even longer like a year. We have mentioned in this article that certain situations help trigger his realization of mistakes. Check them out. You can also follow some tips we have mentioned above to make him realize.

3. How Can I Know He Regrets Losing Me?

After a breakup, a man tries to bury and ignore his emotions. After a certain period, he will start missing you and realizing his mistakes. Then, he will try to contact you, talk to you. So, if a man tries to contact you, just to hear your voice for once, this is a clear sign that he regrets losing you.


I hope now you know how long does it take a man to realize what he lost.

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