Great Power Of Silence After Break Up You Can Share With Friends

Today I am going to talk about a topic, and I welcome you to it read this article. Because I think it’s so important, and it referred to why the power of silence after break up than words.

I want you to contemplate on that just a little bit. When we were middle of a breakup or after the breakup, you’ve got so much to say.

I mean, we need to really just let them know exactly how we feel. We don’t feel all of these things and whether you believe it or not. There’s so much more set in silence. The beauty of silence is ambiguous, and what I mean by that. It means many things in an interactive relationship.

It means you’re sad or you’re joyful, and you’re in denial, your fear, you agree with the breakup. You don’t agree with the breakup. It creates a sense of mystery.

We totally detach the emotional part of it. It’s really wonderful to say many things that things alone can interpret without you having to say it yourself another thing.

The Power Of Silence After Break Up

power of silence after break up

It is very important as far as implementing silence, which is when we are angry with the tongue’s restraint. End of the day end, it is crucial.

You know anger is a lethal weapon, and it really is but not only slays the other. It slays you; it leaves you forever with all this. You know guilt and repeating to yourself everything. You said to add at a moment of anger.

So I think it’s so important to recognize that there is a negative emotion spinning inside just to keep quiet. Let it wither away, don’t communicate. It doesn’t tax to drink, and that’s something’s that.

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We could spend a whole article on it because I find that you know people in the middle of the night. Having this situation needs to let their ex know all the reasons why they got separated for whatever reason and normally.

It’s because they had maybe drunk too many. It is also important to note that when I say that the Power of silence after a breakup than words. It’s doesn’t’ mean give their silent behavior.

Silent behavior is really deadly harmful to a relationship. And what I mean by that it’s usually used as a form of punishment. It’s manipulative it’s a way of controlling the environment.

The Power Of Silence After Break Up

You know it’s when you go into that whole complete shutdown, and there’s absolutely no contact. It’s a very big difference, just by keeping a restraint of tongue of being able to wait for the appropriate moment.

Open up a communication versus just completely shutting down. So as we refer to the silent treatment, and this is again, it differs tremendously with just being able to have a restraint of tongue.

You have to think of the tantrum a child does and when they suddenly just say no. They’re belligerent, and they literally lose their emotional compass.

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That’s how we act up to a certain extent without saying no and knowing. We just shut down, and it does create such distance such internal anger because we are in a relationship.

You know it’s two people that are communicating and that are the whole purpose is to have fluid communication to share our emotions.

To build a stable and healthy relationship, we get into the habit of these silent treatments. We participate and really killing out a life for each other, or it’s a very dangerous path.

Final Word

I tremendously suggest that we reconsider before bringing that into your relationship. Let’s discuss the different strategies of implementing a silence before things versus the damaging silent treatment because at the end of the day.

She is important, but it is determined by how you use it, which creates a lasting effect. Please write a comment on your own opinion about this article, the Power of silence after break up.

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