Signs A Guy Is Hiding His Feelings For You – Details Explained

Most experts say you should express your feeling because it is necessary and healthy to represent them. But, there is a time when these feelings should keep you hiding. Here I will teach you some signs a guy is hiding his feelings for you.

It may be that you have a loving attitude towards someone but do not want to risk ruining your friendship, or it could be that you have feelings for someone married or otherwise taken.

Now read the article with patience and know the signs. I recommend you forget those feeling are not related to romance. It can be violence, anger, or sadness. I think these feelings you should forget or hide.

While this may not be as healthy as long-term strategies or situations with someone closest to you, several strategies can help hide your feelings in situations where it is the best for you and others.

Signs A Guy Is Hiding His Feelings For You

Signs A Guy Is Hiding His Feelings For You

Those are believed your feeling you can share your feeling with this person. You can try to hide your feeling if you can do it. If the situation wants to hide, I recommend you should stay alone. It will be the best way to spend your time lonely.

Spending time alone can create more opportunities for your feelings to escalate and accidentally push yourself away – a hug that lasts a long time, a hand brush that holds the hand, or looks into his eyes leads more than you wanted to say.

If you usually spend time alone with this person, gradually move to more group-based toggles and avoid placing alarm bells in their minds.

1. Continue Your Work Normally

You can work normally but don’t impress your ex. It shows that you are looking for attention and that most people will determine why. Similarly, don’t be kind to run errands or favor your friend.

It may be easier for you to really like this person and take the help of caring for his or her health, but if you start acting in a new way, it will be clear that your feelings are not the same as before.

2. Try To See Newly Your Feeling

Try To See Newly Your Feeling

Try to find their mistake, not interesting and sexy. We often elevate people to the level of superhuman dignity and forget that their faults and failures are the same as everyone else’s. Try to think of them as siblings; if you make a new relationship, try another person like you.

3. Try To Avoid Feeling

If you can do avoid just avoid these feelings. If the feeling is very strong, you won’t be able to hide you anymore. It can be to spend time with them and break up your relation quite.

4. Try To Talk With Your Friend And Family

Try To Talk With Your Friend And Family

Speak with your parents, your family, and friends (if they are there if they are well) will be willing to listen to your concerns. If you are concerned about the relationship, ask your parents how they made it work.

Then if you are worried about your performance in bed, try asking your considerate or ‘experienced’ friend for some advice.

If you’re confused about something, ask your and his friends who know him best. However, it’s best to guarantee your girlfriend that you can’t ask her friends about these things.

Especially if they’re intimate—saying that in this case, not all girls, some people will appreciate the advice to help your relationship and may also give intimate details if necessary).

5. Be Patience

Be Patience

Try to hide your feeling from your girlfriend. You can share your feelings with your friends and family; thus, you will feel very normal and feel good-minded. You believe me and be patient.


People in love usually feel a strong sense of empathy for their loved one, consider the other person’s hurt as their own, and are willing to give up something for the other person. That’s why I shared some about how Signs a guy is hiding his feelings for you.

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