6 Secrets Tips Will Make Your Silence Is Key After A Breakup

Today I will help you to get your ex back and I will share why silence is key after a breakup. I want to talk about the six reasons why you haven’t heard from your ex. If you’re doing no contact you’ve been listening to this article.

You’re wondering if it’s working since you have not heard from your ex and will ever be heard from them well. I have great news for you but before I tell you what that is I want to remind you. I will share the six reasons why you may not have heard from your ex I want to tell you.

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Silence Is Key After A Breakup

1. Could Be That Not Enough Time Has passed

I just mentioned the 60-day rule of 60 days so you may hear from them Monday 60, 59, 58 most as I said hear from them between days 45 and 60.

So if it’s only been a few days or a few weeks don’t worry don’t give hope don’t freak out. Be patient. You never know when you will hear from them.

2. Is That They Are Still Angry Or Upset With You And They Associate The Bad Feeling With You

Is That They Are Still Angry Or Upset With You And They Associate The Bad Feeling With You

So in that case they’re not ready to reach out or to come back and you have to let Physically handicapped and able-bodied do.

Its thing which I’ve mentioned in previous article fab is faded effect bias which, basically states that as time go by we forget about the bad memories associated with a person place or thing and we remember only the good time and fab work in your favor.

3. Maybe They Are Waiting To Listen From You

Maybe They Are Waiting To Listen From You

They thought you would at least contact them. At some point especially if you were needy in the relationship or they knew that your interest in them was much higher than their interest in you.

Even if they’re having second thoughts about the break-up they think well. I’ll just wait because of any time. We had arguments in the past they always reached out first they always apologized first if we broke up in the past.

They always reached out. Just I’m going to wait and so you got to show them that you mean business and that you are going to stay no contact and you are not going to reach out.

4. Maybe They Seeing Someone

Maybe They Seeing Someone

If they are it’s going to take longer to hear from them especially if it’s going well. but if things aren’t going well or once they start to go downhill guess who they will be more. Likely than not to reach out to first, that’s you the previous ex.

5. Perhaps They  Thinking About It But They Quite Have Not Made Up Their Mind

They are wondering about you which is a good thing because that means that their interest level is going up when someone is wondering that question mark turns upside down.

And becomes a hook so don’t break any contact because I’ve heard several times that someone they just could take it in or they broke no contact and their ex. I was just thinking of contacting you and then it’s like.

Why did I contacting them so they may be thinking about it and the point where they are most likely thinking about it will be of course days of 45 to 60 but they will start thinking about it at day 30 and you know they’re kind of think about it now maybe I will remember they won’t and then depending under interest level.

6. They Are Still In The Relief Sage

They Are Still In The Relief Sage

You have to give them time to miss you so when people say well. It’s been a few days and a few weeks and I haven’t heard anything well no contact is a marathon, not a sprint gives them. Lots of time so if they’re still in the relief they are relieved they’re out having fun.

They’re thinking of moving on they’re happy to be without. You right now unfortunately but at some point they will move on from that relief stage so wait for them to get out of there and so he starts to miss you so to go over the six reasons.

Final Word

Now I want to hear from you why silence is key after a breakup. Did I miss a reason is there another reason you can think of as to why you have not heard from your ex I would love to know and in the meantime if you would like our help personally to help to get your ex back? You can contact us we will try to help you to back your ex.

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