10 Warning Signs A Player & Is Not A Keeper

If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s important to know the warning signs that your partner is not a keeper. Starting from identifying the difference between a player and a keeper to 10 warning signs of a player and not a keeper that might not be good for your relationship, everything you need to know about the player/keeper relationship has been covered in detail.

Whether you’re in a dating or relationship, understanding when it’s time to end things will ultimately save your relationship from pain and heartache. So read on, and learn everything you need to know before making any decisions.

10 Warning Signs A Player & Is Not A Keeper

How To Identify If A Player & Is Not A Keeper With 10 Warning Signs

How To Identify If A Player & Is Not A Keeper With 10 Warning Signs

Since the dawn, humans attracting have to those different from them. Whether it’s the love of a goddess or a vampire, something about someone different seems exciting and magnetic. And that’s why a player of lover relationships is so popular.

These relationships are all about playing games with your partner and experiencing new things together. They’re also often more intense and passionate than traditional monogamous relationships because they involve riskier behavior. Here are 10 warning signs that a player & is not a keeper:

Warning Sign #1 – His First Approach Is Slick & Easy

When scouting for potential players, it’s important to avoid thinking that all players are the same. Some players try to sell themselves hard by putting on a show, while others may be more subtle.When you know he’s not interested to know you if a player’s first approach is slick and easy likely. He may be trying to charm you into investing in his product or service rather than establishing a real connection.

Warning Sign #2 – He Always Asks You Out At The Last Minute

He Always Asks You Out At The Last Minute

When it comes to love, many things seem perfect on the outside but may not be as great. In this context, we are talking about dating and relationships. We all know the signs – someone who always asks you out at the last minute or loves using words like “love” but never really puts them into practice. These warning signs might not necessarily mean that your partner is evil, but they could just need some time to figure out how they feel about you.

Warning Sign #3 – He Cancels At The Last Minute

He Cancels At The Last Minute

If your partner consistently cancels at the last minute, it may be time to start looking for a new partner. This behavior indicates that they’re not invested in the relationship and are more interested in using you than in being with you. Canceling often shows that your partner doesn’t value your time or feelings and isn’t worth their effort.

If you constantly cancel dates or events, it might indicate that you’re not ready for a serious relationship yet. It’s important to take time for yourself and focus on building your own life instead of living someone else’s. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to commit better to a long-term relationship.

Warning Sign #4 – He Doesn’t Make Weekend Plans With You

If your partner is never interested in you that’s a sign warning to make plans for the weekend. Another warning sign is if your partner doesn’t care about spending time with you outside work or activities. If your partner always seems to have other things planned and never spends time with you, it may be time to move on. Keep an eye out for these ten warning signs so you can determine if your partner is a player or not a keeper.

Warning Sign #5 – He’s Hot And Cold

He's Hot And Cold

You can use certain warning signs to identify a player who will only stick around for as long as the game is fun for them. They tend to change their behavior and attitudes to match whatever the situation is at that time. As such, it’s important to keep players in check by always keeping things fresh and interesting.

On the other hand, those rare birds are called “keepers.” These individuals are always there for you no matter what; they never let go of your hand, even when things get tough. This makes life much easier – because you know you’re not alone and everything will turn out okay in the end.

Warning Sign #6 – He Won’t Talk About A Future With You

Regarding dating, it is important not to take things for granted. As the saying goes, “you can’t date a man who doesn’t want you.” If your partner never openly discusses his plans or refuses to sign long-term commitments, it might be time to end things. Similarly, players who are always on the go or change their minds frequently should also raise red flags. Why risk getting hurt again?

Warning Sign #7 – A Playe

A Playe

If you find it difficult to get in touch with a player, or they are reluctant to share information about themselves or their business, there is likely something fishy going on. Usually, this indicates that the person is not open and honest – traits that aren’t always associated with successful players.

In some cases, the secrecy might be due to dodgy practices such as high charging prices without warning. Worse still, the player may take advantage of you in other ways (such as withholding important information). If these warning signs continue unabated, then it would be best not to deal with them at all!

Warning Sign #8 – He Doesn’t Introduce You To His Friends Or Family

He Doesn't Introduce You To His Friends Or Family

If a man doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family, it may be a sign he is not interested in you. Another warning sign is if the man never takes you out on dates or spends time with your family. Always ask questions to determine if the man is a keeper – such as where he lives, works, etcetera. If any of the following signs are present, leave your relationship.

Warning Sign #9 – He Won’t Make Holiday Plans With You

He Won't Make Holiday Plans With You

Regarding holidays, things can get a little tense between partners. Maybe one of you doesn’t seem to care about the other’s holiday plans or simply isn’t interested in celebrating them with you. However, some warning signs could point toward a problematic relationship.

If your partner never tells you what he is doing on holidays – this might be a sign he doesn’t want to spend time with you and prefers lying low instead. Another potential red flag is if they never try to celebrate special occasions together – like your birthday or anniversary.

Warning Sign #10 – Your Intuition Will Tell You

Your Intuition Will Tell You

If you’re finding it hard to let go of someone you’re in a relationship with, you may suffer from a player mentality. A player mentality is when someone gets psychological gratification from hurting or manipulating others.

If you ignore warning signs, it might be time to end things between you and the other person. Trust your intuition – usually, it’s right about these things. Remember that plenty of other fish in the sea will treat you better than this one. So don’t get attached to them – they won’t last long.


As a dating coach, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs of a player & not a keeper. You can decide to keep dating this person by identifying these signs or moving on. Keep reading to learn about the 10 warning signs of a player & not a keeper. If you spot any of these warning signs in your relationship, it might be a good idea to take a step back and assess whether things are really what you want right now.

Sometimes people change over time and develop new interests or feelings for one another; going through this difficult process might make everything work out better if your partner falls into either of these categories. It might be best for both of you if the relationship ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Can You Spot A Player Early?

Ans: When spotting a player early, you should look for players who put on a big show. Often, they’ll act like they’re something they’re not and will always be looking out for themselves first. They’ll be dishonest, manipulative, and deceitful in general.

They won’t respect boundaries or commitments – they’ll do anything to get what they want. Simply keep an eye out for players who often change their story, make excuses, or are untrustworthy with money or relationships.

2.How Do You Know If A Player Likes You?

Ans: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as what may work for one person may not work for another. However, some general tips may help gauge whether someone likes you by their actions.

If a player starts ignoring your messages, cutting off communication abruptly, or refusing to meet up, it’s probably time to move on. Additionally, it probably is if it feels wrong or too good to be true! It’s always best to exercise caution when dating online, especially when money is involved.

3.How Do You Know If Your Crush Is A Player?

Ans: If you’re worried that someone you like might be a player, here are some signs to watch out for.Players tend to be manipulative and use people for their benefit. They’ll often be desperate and/or needy, always putting themselves first, and will lack empathy for others.

Players usually take the lead in conversations instead of letting the other person have a say, and they won’t give their full attention during dates or interactions. If any of these signs sound familiar, then it’s most likely a bad news story, and you should stay away from them.

4.How Do You Know If A Player Is Serious?

Ans: When dating or socializing online, it’s important to be cautious of players asking for your bank account and personal information upfront. This is usually a sign that the person is not serious about the relationship or social interaction in general. Players with negative attitudes often make excuses for their poor behavior.

They may say things like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” or “It won’t happen again.” These players usually won’t take criticism well, making it difficult for you to resolve with them.

5.How To Understand If A Guy Is A Player?

Ans: We said that some things that may indicate a guy is a player include acting entitled or taking advantage of women, being emotionally unavailable, and being standoffish or distant. If you’re feeling uncomfortable around a guy and suspect, he may be a player. It’s important to speak up and let him know. You deserve to with respect and honesty for treated.

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