When Does No Contact Start Working? Practical Explanation

Today I want to talk about when does no contact start working how the heck should I know. That is the honest answer I mean there are so many variables how can anyone know when no contact starts working for your particular situation.

However I will make an educated guess but before I do that I want to remind you to make sure. About what’s going on in the mind of your ex during no contact? As far as when no contact starts working it probably doesn’t surprise you.

Everyone Should Know When Does No Contact Start Working?

when does no contact start working

To understand when no contact starts working, we first have to understand why no contact works. One of the

reasons for doing no contact is for your ex to experience life without you and to miss you. To see that you’re not reaching out and to feel anxiety, we need all four of those things to happen.

So you can see why no contact is not a sprint, it’s a marathon it takes a while for it to get going for it to start working now.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is your breakup real or fake. If it’s a fake breakup then you’re going to quickly hear from your ex. When you do no contact because they were just trying to get you to do something to behave in a certain way, to shake you up to wake you up it was a fake breakup.

If you don’t contact them they’re going to go. I did it again I made a mistake so they’re going to be reaching out very quickly if it’s a fake breakup and you don’t contact them.

It could be a matter of a couple of weeks at the most but most of the time it’s not a fake breakup. So one thing you have to ask yourself is how long you were together.

The longer you were together the obviously. The more and meshed your lives were that means that the sooner that they’re going to experience life without you. The sooner they’ll miss you.

They’ll feel anxious. Therefore the sooner no contact is likely to start working. And the sooner they are to reach out. That’s only one factor at the same time.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the longer that you were together that the sooner. They’re going to contact you I wish. It was that easy right but you were together for nine months.

There are other factors to consider. We of course can’t forget the attachment style of a person with an anxious. Attachment style is going to feel anxious sooner rather than someone with an avoidant attachment style.

So the anxious attachment style is going to reach out sooner when they see that you have vanished into thin air.

But more important than attachment style is interest level. Because it doesn’t matter what someone’s attachment style is at the end of the day.

What is their interest because if their interest is in the 30s then no contact is going? To take longer to start working than if their interest level is in the 40s because no matter what our attachment style.

We’ve all been broken up with and we’ve all broken up with someone but what determined our actions afterward was mainly interest level. That’s the variable whereas attachment style always remains the same unless you work on yourself.

The interest level is a variable and so we have to take that into consideration. so if I’m going to give you a time frame I am going to have to go back to the 60-day rule which I talked about in my other post in solversmine.

No Contact Starts Working After A Breakup?

No Contact Starts Working After A Breakup

In the first 30 days, your ex is usually fine that’s why the 30 days no contact rules are British standard. There’s no point in contacting your ex within 30 days of the breakup or the point of the last contact.

Now moving on from day 30 to 45 that’s when your ex will start to get curious. They’ll wonder why they haven’t heard from you and then you finally in days 45 to 60.

They are most likely to reach out as you’ve seen if you’ve listened to any of my no contact success stories. Even though no contact probably started working at about the 30 days. It still took at least another 15 to 30 days for them to reach out.

It started working it doesn’t mean they’re going to reach out that day that would be too easy.  But here’s the bottom line it doesn’t matter when no contact starts working. What’s important is that it does work and that your ex eventually does reach out.

Final Word

Let me know in the comments below how long you’ve been in no contact rules. I would be curious but in the meantime, if you’re going through a breakup I know it’s painful. Also, I know you want to reach out but you know to this article when does no contact starts working in your relationship.

You shouldn’t have to let no contact do its things and you can reach out to your ex. You can also get your ex back. I hope now you know when does no contact start working or not.

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